Play movie in Microsoft Paint tool

We all know Paint tool from Microsoft is used as picture editing application. Apart from editing, their are some pranks into the programming of Microsoft Paint application. Below I have posted that one!

Play movie in Microsoft Paint tool
Play movie in Microsoft Paint tool_FunWidTricks.Com

Steps you have to perform
1. Open your favorite video player, Play any video through it!
2. Click on the Print Screen Key from your keyboard.

Play movie in Microsoft Paint tool_FunWidTricks.Com
3.Open Ms Paint application from start menu.
4. In Ms Paint, use the shortcut Control+V or go to the Edit Tab and choose Paste option.
Voila !!!!The movie is Now playing.

This trick is not working from Windows 7 to higher versions.
For the movie to play in Paint, the video player should not be closed and the movie should not be paused in the player.

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