Create cool 3D graphs on Google

Last year Google introduced graphing support capable of plotting simpler 2D functions [2]. This feature has now been upgraded to support the extra display dimension thanks to WebGL. This is the first time Google uses this technology allowing supported browsers (Chrome, Firefox) to display hardware-accelerated 3D graphics and without installation of additional software.

Create Cool 3D graphs on Google
Create cool 3D graphs on Google_FunWidTricks.Com

Steps you have to perform
1. Just copy and paste below equation on Google, hit enter!
Create cool 3D graphs on Google_FunWidTricks.Com

2. You will get small box on result page with 3D movable graph. You can scroll, move the graph along X and Y axis.

You can even make changes on equation to get different graphs as replacing tan with cot, sin with cos, changing integer values etc.
Create cool 3D graphs on Google_FunWidTricks.Com

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