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We face many sites in our day to day web life. But in most of these sites we have to fill captchas to verify as human for any registration process.Some captcha are simple and easy to read. But some are headache and difficult to understand every time. So on that time this addon can help us a little bit. Because it automatically types the Captcha words automatically.

Fill Captcha Automatically

Steps you have to perform
1. Download Browser Add-Ons
2. Install and login to your Rumola account and then go to any site where you have to always fill captcha. It will take 5-10 seconds according to captcha type and automatically fill that captcha.

If you want to see their Terms and conditions then you must have to register and then you can see their T&C in your mail.

Their packages are costly. But anyone want to try this service they can try. Not necessary for all people. If you are expert in filling captchas , then you don't need this kind of addon.

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how to make my rumola a/c to premium bro plz help me do u hv a crack for it????
mail me at


Sorry Dhiraj, It's impossible to bypass their payment system. So better to buy a premium account legally.


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