Use any SIM with any modem without unlocking

Due to copyright issues, We can't use any SIM card in modem other than specific carrier without unlocking the modem. Now you can do that It's very simple Using Nokia PC Suit.

Use any SIM with any modem without unlocking

1. Tool That You Needed: Nokia Pc Suit
2. Before proceeding, Make sure you have installed drivers of your modem!

Steps you have to perform
1. Insert any SIM in modem. In my case, I have used Idea Net Setter.
2. Modem will show invalid SIM, just ignore message and close modem software.
3. Start Nokia PC Suite.
4. Go to Nokia Pc Suite -> Connect to internet option.

Use any SIM with any modem without unlocking_FunWidTricks.Com

5. Click on Configure. Select your data card modem and assign operator APN setting.
APNs for Indian networks:
  • Airtel: 
  • Vodafone: WWW 
  • Idea: internet 
  • Bsnl: bsnlnet
Use any SIM with any modem without unlocking_FunWidTricks.Com

6. Finish set up.
7. Now connect to internet through PC suite.

Use any SIM with any modem without unlocking_FunWidTricks.Com
8. Wow your net is connected without unlocking the modem.

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