Magic number trick on Facebook

These days magic number trick is becoming a rage on Facebook.Anything related to Facebook ( however small it may be ) is sure to create a buzz among people.These magic numbers are nothing but the unique ID numbers of the Users , Pages or Groups . When you will paste these numbers in your status they automatically will get converted into your profile,group or page link.

You can also send these to your friends and ask them to paste in your status.They will certainly get amazed.

Magic number trick on Facebook

Steps you have to perform
1. Log-On to your Facebook account
2. Go to your Or Friend's Photos Section (Navigate To Profile->Photos), Click On Any Image!

3. Now from URL of opened image, Copy down profile ID containing after "fbid=" and before "&set" tags as shown below, This will be your or your friend's profile ID!

4. Place it in @+[ID:0:]
Suppose 199500840125082 is the ID with which you want to replace the code. So your code will be "@+[199500840125082:0:]"

5. Now ask your friends to copy/paste this code in the status or in comment section and remove + sign from it, make it as @[199500840125082:0:]
6. Then hit Enter and see the Magic

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