Facebook Prank - Exclusive!

Friends, By this trick you can upload status, photo or video on anybody's facebook account without knowing his password!

Facebook prank (Exclusive on FunWidTricks)
Facebook Prank (Exclusive)_FunWidTricks.Com

Most of the peoples use Facebook in their mobiles. If u get access to anybody of your friends mobile,just open his already logged in Facebook account (people rarely logs out from phone!).

Steps you have to perform
1. Gain access to friend's Facebook profile from mobile, obviously it must have internet connectivity.
2. Scroll down till you get list like "Events","Notifications" etc. From that list,click on "Photos".

Facebook Prank (Exclusive)_FunWidTricks.Com
3. From next screen,click on "Upload Photos" as shown below.

Facebook Prank (Exclusive)_FunWidTricks.Com

4. Note down "Email Address" under "Post by email" section. (By using this mail you can update status, photos etc.).

Facebook Prank (Exclusive)_FunWidTricks.Com
5. You can just visit directly through this link (Click Here). It also works through pc.
6.Now suppose you got email address as "dole8xxxxx@m.facebook.com".
7. Go to gmail,yahoo or any other email platform where you have signed up. (Here I have used Gmail).Click on "Compose".

Facebook Prank (Exclusive)_FunWidTricks.Com
8. Paste the email copied in above step in front of "To:", Enter any text which you want to show as status in "Subject field" (It's necessary to fill subject field) And finally the image or video or any other info can be placed in data field.Now click on Send.

Facebook Prank (Exclusive)_FunWidTricks.Com
9.Wow,you have just updated status of your friend's profile without knowing the password!

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