Use single email address for multiple account registration

We all know that one email address can be used only for one time in account registration such as Forums,Trial accounts etc. but there is one trick using which you can create unlimited accounts on same Website,Forum and subscriptions from all accounts of same website will also receive on also same email account.

Use single email address for multiple account registration
Use single email address for multiple account registration_FunWidTricks.Com

Steps you have to perform
1. Suppose I have an email account "" on Gmail And I have already registered member on forum with username as "abc".

2. Now if I try to get account using same email address "" then forum system will give me an error as "An account with this Email is already registered !".

3. So to bypass this restriction, just put "+1" after id of email address. Now my modified email address will become "".

4. Use this modified email address while registration of account on same website with different IDs.

5. Here you need not to create an account for "" on Gmail. That's why it is a trick to use single email address for multiple account registration.

6. All the emails including confirmation emails, subscription emails will receive on your default email address. In my case all emails will receive on "".

7. To create more accounts on same website, just increment the number after "+" sign. That is "", "" and so on.

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Not working now dude


Its working with almost all sites except Facebook and some top ranking social media sites!


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