Post blank status, comments, messages on Facebook

We usually update our Facebook status with a quote , a joke or share a line about our day. All of us want to get attention of others on our status. To attract others we have many cool ways to write status including special characters on the Facebook walls, but this is the coolest one since its empty status update. seriously not even one single word or letter or dot.

Post blank status on Facebook 
How would you feel if you see a blank status update from someone? Amazed!! Hold on learn yourself and amaze your friends too.

You can’t write a blank status update by simply pressing the space key and then clicking on Post button. Instead you need to use a special code to post a blank character in your Facebook status.

Steps you have to perform
1. Log in to your Facebook account. (Obviously!)
2. Put cursor on status box then Press and hold Alt key and just type 0173 .
3. Release Alt Key and click on share post.

Post blank status on Facebook_FunWidTricks.Com
That’s all now your empty status will be update.

Post blank status on Facebook_FunWidTricks.Com
Friends, Its also working with comments and personal messages.

With Comments
Post blank status on Facebook_FunWidTricks.Com

With Messages
Post blank status on Facebook_FunWidTricks.Com

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