Top 5 Features on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is, no doubt, the simplest and also the top-selling portable company currently. With each new launch it succeeds in meeting our expectations from it and additional. The recent launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 has shocked the portable fraternity. crammed with a excess of exciting new options, this phone is on the thanks to become one among the best phones of a minimum of consequent few years.

Top 5 Features on the Samsung Galaxy S4
Top 5 Features on the Samsung Galaxy S4_FunWidTricks.Com

Smart Scroll/ Good Pause

Samsung has force out all stops with S4. The new interface is additional gesture based mostly} than bit based and it shows heavily. merely gazing the screen and tilting the phone causes the online page to scroll down or up mechanically and within the case of videos, moving pour eyes removed from the screen ends up in the video being contend to be paused.

WatchOn Video

With the assistance of its infrared port, the S4 currently are often used as an overseas management for the tv. WatchOn Video may be a Peel-powered app that allows America to look at content from the Samsung media hub and see the TV schedule.

Group Play and play

Gaming with friends is often higher than play alone. constant are often same regarding taking note of songs or observance videos. generally the speakers of 1 phone don't seem to be enough to urge truth feel of a song. to assist America get eliminate all the higher than mentioned unhappy times, Samsung S4 involves the foremost effective and also the easiest method to play games, share media files, play songs at the same time on totally different phones. the tactic happens to be-swiping. merely swiping the file or game permits it to be shared with everybody within the space or to pick few.

Eraser Shot

It has happened to everybody UN agency has ever owned a camera of any kind. a good photos are often ruined; because of somebody or one thing wafting into the image at the foremost ill-timed moment attainable. With previous cameras, this photo would are utterly ruined as Photoshop cannot forever salvage a ruined photos. the sole different course was to undertake and recapture the instant once more, that isn't forever attainable. Such mishaps square measure currently a history, with the implement Shot feature gift in Samsung S4. Turning on this mode permits you to get rid of any unwanted things from your excellent photos.

Dual Camera

It’s forever higher to possess 2 instead of one and it appears to be the thought behind the twin camera feature of Galaxy S4. With this feature we are able to capture photos and videos at constant time. the first camera of thirteen MP captures the video and also the front camera of two MP takes your photos. it's an additional advantage of relocating and re-sizing the boxes that seize the images from 2 cameras. to feature to the present feature S4 additionally has varied templates that enhance our photos to create it additional inventive, engaging and delightful.

To conclude

Samsung Galaxy S4 is that the best smartphone within the market currently and there's little question of this reality. it's a really user friendly contraption and with it Samsung has raised the bar high.

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