Automatically tag your all friends to the status

One intention to tag a friend to the status or image is because you want to get attention of your friends which may be important for them and then getting the likes over that post! Normally you can tag anyone in any status update or images one by one so that they can be notified but still the process of tagging really lacks many things and cannot be done comfortably as it takes time to search for the friend and then tag him.

I found a simple java-script which will tag your all your friends into comment section of selected post. Basically what this script does is to search all your friends, then automatically adding  "@" sing before their name and the final result is to tag all your friends to the post. So that they will get notification that he has tagged onto the post!

Google chrome browser (You can also use other browsers but I will show you on chrome browser)

Automatically tag your all friends to your status

Steps you have to perform
1. Log in to your Facebook account.
2. Post any status you want. Say "Hi buddies, I gonna tag you all !".
3. Get the direct link of your post by clicking on time stamp link. In below screenshot, it's 2 seconds ago. Click on it!

4. You will get the direct link of post which contains only the status you just posted before some time!

5. Now right click anywhere on the page and select "Insect Element".

6. Switch to "Console" tab.

7. Copy and paste the below code into the field.

8. Hit enter.

9. The prompt will open displaying message as below. Just ignore it and click on "Okay".

10. Done, In fraction of section, all of your friends will be tagged into your status!

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