Disable or enable USB Ports in Windows

You have ever seen that the USB ports are normally blocked on computers from net cafes, college labs. Today we are going to discuss the various types by which USB ports can be easily blocked or unblocked on windows machine.

Disable or enable USB Ports in Windows
Disable or enable USB Ports in Windows

Steps you have to perform
  • Using device manager
This is an easiest way so anybody can do without having any extra knowledge about commands!

1. Right click on "My Computer", select "Properties".
2. Click on "Device Manager" from left pane.
3. Expand the list "Universal Serial Bus Controller".
4. Now right click on "USB Mass Storage Device" and select "Disable". If it's already disabled then select "Enable".
Disable or enable USB Ports in Windows
5. You can even disable keyboard, mouse using this method!
  • Using registry editor
If the system administrator is smart then he would definitely do this! But unfortuanately we are smarter than him!

1. Search for "regedit" on start menu. Choose regedit from result.
2. You will get registry editing tool.
3. Navigate to the registry hierarchy HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\USBSTOR by expanding them one by one as shown below.

Disable or enable USB Ports in Windows
4. From the right pane, double click on Start and change the value to 3 for enabling USB ports. Change the value to 4 for disabling the USB ports. Click on OK.

Disable or enable USB Ports in Windows

  • Using BIOS settings
This is a bit risky way. If you failed to setup the setting pretty right way, it will cause into disturbing the whole system.

1. Reboot your computer.
2. Press [F2] or [Del] as defined in the mother board manual.
3. Enter BIOS.
4. In BIOS, find advance settings or Onboard devices menu (change with BIOS manufacturer).
5. Select USB Configuration and press enter.
6. Select the option to disable USB ports.
7. Find USB configurations and Disable USB controllers to disable all USB ports. Change it to Enable if you want to enable. And exit from BIOS.

Disable or enable USB Ports in Windows

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