How to block or unblock the websites

Many of you may face the problems while browsing the websites through collage PC's or from net cafes where certain kinds of websites are blocked. There are different methods to bypass this restriction to get full access to particular website. Here I have posted 6 ways using which you can unblock the websites and hence get full access!

How to block or unblock the websites

Steps you have to perform to unblock the websites
  • Using proxies
Web proxies are probably the most popular and easiest way to unblock websites. A proxy server is a server that sits between you and the site you are accessing. Instead of connecting directly to the blocked website, you connect to the proxy server, then the proxy connects to the website.

Some of the proxy servers are as follows:

1. HideMyAss.Com

You can get more live servers from here.
  • Using VPN services
A Virtual Private Network, or a VPN as it’s commonly known, is basically like a tunnel. Rather than connecting to a website in the normal way, a VPN tunnels under the network, thereby hiding the traffic that passes through it. It enables a computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it were directly connected to the private network, while benefiting from the functionality, security and management policies of the private network.

Some of the VPN servers are as follows:

2. HotspotShield
3. Kepard

  • Using Firefox addon
1. Download and install Firefox browser if you don't have already one.
2. Install the add on Foxy Proxy. 
3. You have to turn it on while browsing blocked websites!
  • Using Google Chrome Extension
1. Download and install Google Chrome browser if you don't have already one.
2. Install the extension Proxy Switchy.
  • Using Google Cache
1. Visit Google search page.
2. Type cache: before the address of the blocked website.
3. If you want to browse the website, then just write the search query as ""

Steps you have to perform to block the websites
Windows does not allow to modify certain kind of system files place within system protected directories without having special administrator permission. So to acquire these permission, download and install "Take Ownership" reg file from here.
The zip file contains two registry file, namely "InstallTakeOwnership.reg" and "RemoveTakeOwnership.reg". Just double click on "InstallTakeOwnership.reg" file to install Take Ownership feature!

1. Navigate to the directory "C:/Windows/System32/drivers".
2. Right click on etc folder and click on "Take Ownership".

How to block or unblock the websites

3. Open the folder etc.
4. Open the file "hosts" with Notepad. (Right click, select open with Notepad).
5. Go to end of the file.
6. Write Website_Address . Replace Website_Address with the one which you want to block.

How to block or unblock the websites

7. Restart the machine to take effects.

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