Test antivirus software to check working properly or not

Ever confused about your antivirus software working correctly or not? Here we will test this by creating small file which should be detected as virus by all properly working antivirus softwares! If not, then just switch to other antivirus providers.

Test antivirus software
Test antivirus software

Steps you have to perform
1. Open "Notepad".
2. Copy down below code and paste into notepad file.

Test an antivirus software
3. Save the file with .exe as extension, such as "anyname.exe".

Test an antivirus software
4. You should get the file as shown below.

Test an antivirus software

5. Stronger the antivirus software, quicker the virus detection will be! Your antivirus should detect the file as miscellaneous as soon as you double click or select the file! 

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