W3Schools offline version 2013 with tutorial

W3Schools is a web developer information website, with tutorials and references relating to web development topics such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. The site provides a reference manual covering many aspects of web programming, including technologies such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, SQL etc. W3schools presents thousands of code examples. By using the online editor provided, readers can edit the examples and execute the code experimentally.

W3Schools is the great site for learning web programming languages for newbies as well as for advanced users. But every time it's not possible to have internet connection to check the specific syntax or reference from W3scools website. In that case having a offline version of such reference is too good for programmers. Below I have posted offline package with the tutorial to browse these pages looking exactly like a original website!

W3Schools offline version 2013 with tutorial

Steps you have to perform

  • Download the package

1. Download the offline package of W3School website.
2. Extract the package anywhere in the hard disc, say on Desktop. You will get two folders as shown below.

3. If you try to browse these pages which are almost in .asp formats, you will not able to browse the pages. Instead browser will continuously download the same page instead of loading the page. This is because any of the Windows operating system does not provide direct support for .asp pages! So we need to install additional features which are already integrated into OS but not installed till now. Don't worry you need not to connect to internet for downloading heavy softwares!

  • Installing additional features to support browsing of ASP pages
1. Open Start menu and search for "Turn Windows features on or off", select first from results. Same is applicable for windows 8.

2. A small windows will appear, tick (Square box) on "Internet Information Services". Expand it by clicking on + sign, expand "World Wide Web", again expand "Application Development Features". Tick on "ASP". Click on Ok. (Do the same as shown in below snapshot).

3. It will take time to install the features. After getting successful prompt, check whether IIS (Internet Information Server) is installed or not by typing web address as or localhost in address bar of your favorite web browser. Note that, no proxy is enabled to your browser. You should get IIS server page as shown below (May be the IIS server version will be different in your case).

4. Now copy or cut and paste the two folders just extracted on desktop into the directory "C:/inetpub/wwwroot".

5. Done! Now it's time to test whether everything goes well or not! Type the address as "" into address bar of browser and hit enter.


6. You are now free to browse and learn languages offline!

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