6 Ways to transfer files between PC and Android using wireless connection

Why to transfer files through USB cables, if you have high speed wireless supporting android devices? The plus point with wireless connection is they are easy to connect and no complexities are present such in wired connections. Here I have posted some of the useful application using which you can transfer files to another device through wireless connection securely.

Transfer Files between PC and Android through wireless connection
Transfer Files between PC and Android using wireless connection

Apps to transfer files
Transfer Files between PC and Android using wireless connection

AirDroid is an top app to Transfer Files between PC and Android. It is available at that size of 6.4 MB and requires Android 2.1 or up. It has the highest rating for wireless data transfer. It is easy to use and even looks much pretty. The Key feature supported by this app is that— desktop SMS service, wireless transfer of files and media data, phone locating technique app management, camera and screenshots.

Transfer Files between PC and Android using wireless connection

WiFi File Explorer is similar to AirDroid with its network transferring capabilities, but it lacks all the other bells and whistles that AirDroid has. On one hand, it can be tough to recommend WiFi File Explorer over AirDroid because it lacks those features, but if you’re just looking for a light application to handle moving some songs and photos onto your device without all the extra fluff, WiFi File Explorer is arguably the better app.

Transfer Files between PC and Android using wireless connection

Solid Explorer is one of the file explorer that allows network connections by using an FTP connection. In SE’s menu, there’s a file sharing option. Selecting that will allow you to set up an FTP server and give you a corresponding address to connect to in either a web browser or a file explorer on your computer. The cool thing about that type of connection is that you can set up a bookmark in Windows Explorer that always connects to that one connection, so you can always access your phone’s storage just like you would access a music folder on your hard drive. It isn’t as pretty and it isn’t as simple, but if you want something that integrates into your existing PC setup, using Solid Explorer as an FTP connection on your WiFi network is an excellent option.

Transfer Files between PC and Android using wireless connection

Sometimes, you’re not going to want to use your PC to do all of your file management. For moving files onto your device using your phone as opposed to your computer, ES File Explorer has a relatively easy to set up feature that will allow you to browse your computer’s hard drive directly from your phone.

Transfer Files between PC and Android using wireless connection

It is available at the size of 2.8 MB and requires android 2.0 or up. It is not as easy to use. The first time you run this app, you are required to set service port and password for your connection. Tap “start server” an IP address is generated for your device, input The IP address and password on computer browser, there will be a page displayed which looks similar to desktop.

3CXDroid also supports USB mode, Desktop SMS, Gallery Viewer, Media Player, FTP Server, WiFi Keyboard, Webcam, Screen Capture, Contact Manager, Remote Call, Wallpaper Utils, APK Web Installer, Terminal Emulator, Logcat, etc.

Samba Filesharing is the best app to set up a dedicated server on your phone, but it does require root to fully function. If your device is rooted, this app is worth a look. Samba Filesharing can be set to automatically run whenever your device is connected to a WiFi network, (or a particular WiFi network, if you only want it to run on your home network for security) so you can set it and forget it. Once it’s running, you can access your Android device like any other network drive. It’s extremely simple but still has plenty of power-user functions, such as WiFi white listing, web browser and Unix support if you’re using something like a Chromebook instead of a traditional Windows computer, and a handful of other features. Overall, the app is very simple and won’t bog you down in menus and settings to get up and running.

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