Find serial key of any software through Google search

Google is the most popular search engine service to find the required information available on the web. Users are always expecting something that is of free of cost. Searching the paid applications for free is one of the highly ranked search keyword around the internet. Torrent is the best source to get pirated apps. But sometime you might have the application installer but not their keys. In such cases, it will be better to get only the keys instead of downloading entire setup just for their keys. Here I will show you the trick to get almost working software keys through Google search.

Find serial key of any software through Google search
Find serial key of any software through Google search

Steps you have to perform
1. Visit
2. Type "Software_Name 94FBR" and hit enter. Replace "Software_Name" with the name of application whose serial key you want to find. Such as "Internet download manager 94FBR".

3. You will get tons of websites with their serial keys. Just copy and paste into software dialog box and check whether it is working or not.

Find serial key of any software through Google search

How it works?
The key 94FBR is a part of Office 2000 Pro CD activation key that is widely distributed as it bypasses the activation requirements of Office 2000 Pro. By searching for 94fbr and the product name, you are guarantee that the pages that are returned are pages dealing specifically with the product you're wanting a serial for. Follow simple steps given below to learn this trick

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