How to fix windows 7 genuine warning?

Windows 7 has been known as one of the popular operating system published by Microsoft Windows. Even if Windows 8 is the latest version from Microsoft, lot of users are still using Windows 7 OS. You might be one of them and even experienced the warning such as ‘This copy of Windows is not genuine". Today I am here to show you a simple trick through which you can make Windows 7 genuine without using any software. You just need an access to administrator privileged command prompt.

How to make windows 7 genuine?

You would get the problems such as blank wallpaper with "Not Genuine" warning, Continuously "Not genuine" message prompt, performance degradation of system.

Steps you have to perform
1. Click on Start. search for cmd.
2. Open "Command Prompt" with admin privileges. For that, just right click on CMD and select "Run as administrator".

How to fix windows 7 genuine warning?

3. Type the command as "slmgr -rearm" and hit enter.

How to fix windows 7 genuine warning?

4. Now Windows Script Host popup will appear which will notify that you have successfully completed that command and you need to restart your system.

Done, You have made your Windows 7 system genuine!

getting problems? Troubleshoot here!
Microsoft found the vulnerability just as stated above, so they recovered from this loop hole present in coding with small update package with name "KB971033" . If your system has already installed this update package, then you will get an error message while performing above steps. So you need to uninstall that package from "Unistall a program" tool and have to try steps again. Also you have to disallow system to download update package in future, else you will get the same "Not genuine" warning.

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