How to use trial software for lifetime period?

People always like free stuffs. Sometimes it is not possible to buy the product due to their high prices. Everybody is now aware about patching or cracking the application to make them full version which is obliviously an illegal act. but still there may be possibility that a new application is arrived on market and you have liked it very much or need that application which has no other alternative . In such case, you may want your application should be execute even after expiration of trial period. Here I will show you, how to use the trial software for lifetime!

How to use trial software for lifetime period?
How to use trial software for lifetime period

Steps you have to perform
  • Using RunAsDate:
Basically what this tool does is allow the specific application to run with user defined date and time. Suppose I have an application that may not executable after 22 th Jun 2013 due to company restriction and today is 6 th Desc 2013, so what we will do is to open the application through Run As Date application with date as 22 th jun 2013. So it will now able to execute easily.

How to use trial software for lifetime period

1. Download ‘RunAsDate’ application.
2. Open ‘RunAsDate’ application and browse for the application which you would like to execute with specific date.
3. In Date/Time option, select any manual date.
4. Now Click on Run to start the application with specified date.

  • Using Time Stopper

The basic concept about the working of Time Stopper is to stop the clock for specific application. 
This tool is useful to run trial period software for long time such as antivirus applications.

How to use trial software for lifetime period

Time Stopper is supported on the most of the OS but there may be some problem if you are using Windows 8. Else it is working perfectly. Using of this is quite same as RunAsDate.

1. Download Time Stopper application.
2. Browser for application.
3. Select the date to which you want to execute the application.
4. Assign the shortcut name.
5. Exit the application.
6. Double click on shortcut to execute application with specified date.

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