Secure files by changing extension

I have posted some tutorials to secure your data by means of hiding the data inside an image, hiding folders from desktop. Here I will show you how to secure your files by changing the file type with another one to avoid the use of file by others. It will never reveal the original extension that the file was having. Only the owner and his authorized users are knowing it's correct type. So they can secure files by switching accordingly between file types using following tutorial.

Secure files by changing extension
Secure files by changing extension

Steps you have to perform
1. Create a folder on Desktop. Place the files into it. Generally having same file extension for all files, such as JPG, is better to change the extension of all files to target extension, such as EXE.

Secure files by changing extension

Here I have placed files with .jpg extensions.Suppose I want to change .jpg extension with .exe.

2. Open command prompt by pressing "Shift+Right click" in folder windows where you have placed the files and select "Open command window here". This will automatically grab the local path. No need to apply change directory command!

Secure files by changing extension

3. Hire the command as "ren *.jpg *.exe" to convert all jpg files to exe files.

  • Change jpg with the any extension that source file is having. 
  • Here * means all files with same extension. 
  • You can simply enter file name to change the extension of only selected file with target extension.
  • Change exe with other type such as rar, zip, pdf etc.
Secure files by changing extension

4. Now check out the folder where you had placed the files with particular extensions are now changed with your target extension! You cannot open these files simply by double clicking on it. As it may result into display of garbage data.

Secure files by changing extension
5. In order to retrieve original data, you need to enter reverse of above command, that is "ren *.exe *.jpg".  Now you have your original files with correct extension!

Secure files by changing extension

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