Top mobile recharge earning websites

Most of the users are trying to find ways to earn free mobile talk time, but unfortunately many frauds are running over internet who promise to give money but run away after some period and which may result into privacy breach. Today, I am here to post some of the genuine website where Indian users can earn talk time/ recharge by sending sms, verifying mails, playing quiz, polls, referring friends! You no need to invest money for any of website. Just enjoy their service.

Top 10 free mobile recharge earning websites
  1. Get 2 Rs. as joining bonus (Must validate E-mail and Mobile No.)
  2. Earn 1 Rs. for each referral.
  3. Minimum 10 Rs. recharge per day.
  4. Maximum 20 Rs. recharge per day.
  5. You can win more than 1 re per day
Top mobile recharge earning websites
Top mobile recharge earning websites
Top mobile recharge earning websites

Top mobile recharge earning websites
Top mobile recharge earning websites

Top mobile recharge earning websites

Chateze is offering Free mobile Recharge for chatting with your Friends in Facebook , Gtalk or Yahoo. Plus 100 Reward points when your friend joins using your Referral link.

Rules to earn Points in Chateze:
  1. Make sure you configure all 3 accounts (Gtalk/ Yahoo/ Facebook) on Chateze, you get 100 points for every account configuration.
  2. Chat with your friends everyday, we follow a algorithm and keep giving you points depending upon your chatting pattern.
  3. Invite friends and get 100 points for every friend who joins us through your invite, there are 5 different ways of inviting friends.
You can claim your recharge when you reach to 1000 points.
Top mobile recharge earning websites

Tips to earn credits:
  1. Login daily and get up to Rs. 0.25 as login incentive.
  2. Don’t Miss your daily earning opportunity with trivia game and contests.
  3. Check for offers with instant money credits in special offers. They give you more money in less time.
  4. Create contests or upload funny pics and get paid for approved content.
  5. when you buy anything on the web, be it a book or flight ticket or electronics..etc, before you buy, check our special offers and coupons to get higher free recharge amounts and better discounts.
  6. Invite your friends to Amulyam and they join Amulyam through your invitation URL, you get Rs. 1 for each registration. Inviting is just one time work but it earns money for you always.
  7. Open and click on Bonus mails that you receive on your Amulyam registered mail id.
Top mobile recharge earning websites

  1. Get 10 Rs. as joining bonus
  2. Earn 3 Rs /referral.
  3. 10 Credits is equal to 1 re.
  4. Minimum amount of recharge is 20 re.
  5. Maximum amount of recharge is 200 re.
  6. Verify mobile number and email for credit bonus
  1. Invite reward 30 points (with registered mobile number).
  2. Update full profile and get 10 points.
  3. Create moment,comment,expression and get 1 points.
  4. Create album,visual Gift or event and get 1 points.
  5. 10 points is equivalent to 1 Rs.
Top mobile recharge earning websites

  1. Play and complete our daily quiz and invite all your friends to join Paisafy.
  2. 2 Rs. as joining bonus.
  3. Daily login Bonus 10 paisa.
  4. Invite Reward is 2 Rs.
Top mobile recharge earning websites
  1. Inviting reward is 1 Re.
  2. Joining bonus 2 Re.
  3. Minimum recharge amount is 10 Rs.
  4. Play quiz to earn more recharge.
  1. Earn by sending sms. 
  2. Play quiz and refer friends to earn more.

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