Disable Last Seen feature from WhatsApp

The popularity of WhatsApp as the No.1 messenger app mainly depends on its great features and one such feature is the “Last Seen”, which displays on the chat window of a contact indicating when was he/she available on WhatsApp or used WhatsApp. But there are times you don’t want others to know when you have last visited or if you have checked their messages or not. WhatsApp doesn’t have a built-in feature to “Hide/Disable Last Seen” time for its Android users whereas it does provide this option for iOS devices.
Disable Last Seen feature from WhatsApp
Disable Last Seen feature from WhatsApp

Steps you have to perform
  • For Android OS
1. Download and install “Not Last Seen“ application,
2. Open the application, tick on “Block last seen“ option.
3. Open WhatsApp messenger. You will notice that your mobile connection automatically going offline.
4. Now read messages and reply/send messages that you received in WhatsApp.

What this application really does?
After enabling this app, data connection goes offline while using WhatsApp. Now you can read messages that you received when the connection was online. When you leave WhatsApp, the connection will again go online and you receive messages and composed message will also be sent (while offline connection, composed messages will not be sent).

  • For iOS (iPhone)
1. Open WhatsApp messenger and then select “Settings”.
2. Select “Chat Settings” and then “Advanced”.
3. Select “OFF” on Last seen timestamp. (Once you enable it, it will take 24 hours for last seen time change to take effect)
4: That’s it; you have successfully Hide/Disable Last Seen Time on iPhone.
  • For Windows, Symbian and Blackberry OS
Unfortunately  there are no applications available for Windows, Symbian and Blackberry devices to disable "Last seen" time stamp but we can do it manually. So, follow the steps,

1. Disable the data connection on device.
2. Open WhatApp application and read or send messages.
3. Now close WhatsApp and enable your device data connection.
4. By enabling it, WhatsApp automatically send all pending messages and it will not show the last seen time.

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