Get 50 GB cloud storage for free is one of cloud storage company which provide 10 GB storage space as you sign up as free user, compare with other companies offered you with 2 to 7 GB as free storage space. Today hosting a 50 GB promotion free web storage instead of the 10 GB that you usually get as sign up to app store who download the app for iPhone and iPad.

This promotion is for new and existing users with personal free account and this 50 GB space is free for life, you have to download the new release of Box app for iPhone and iPad and sign up in next 30 days. On top of that, the company already redesign UI with new navigation, all document includes photos, videos, PDFs and more will be loading fast and preview capabilities increase more than 100+ file types.

Get 50 GB cloud storage for free
Get 50 GB cloud storage for free

1. Apple device running with iOS version 6 or 7 (iPad or iPhone).

Steps you have to perform
1. Register an account on, if don’t have before.
2. Download Box for iPhone and iPad then log in to it.
3. Go to settings -> account -> storage quota, you will see 50 GB storage space available in your Box account, a confirmation email will be sent to you confirming that your account has been upgraded.

Get 50 GB cloud storage for free

Existing users already have the box app and upgrade to new version, you have to log out and then log in back to receive the upgraded. New register users have to verify the conformation email sending by Box as you sign up, then log in to the Box app , you will see the 50 GB offer.

This free 50 GB promotion offer is available if you are running iOS 6 or 7 in your iPhone and iPad, old version for Box app will not be able getting this offer and will retain in same old version.

By the way this offer cannot accumulate with other offer, your account will upgrade to maximum 50GB storage if redeem with others amount storage, those who already redeemed 50GB space from previous offer by, the storage allocation will remain at 50GB.
Get 50 GB cloud storage for free
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