Hide last name on Facebook [Working in 2014]

You might see that some users have only first name as their name on Facebook timeline and even you tried to do that but Facebook doesn't allow to show your first name as whole name unless and util you are an Indonesian user. So how to show to Facebook system that you are an Indonesian user even though you are not? You may think of using Indonesian proxy, VPNs? Yes, you are bit close to the trick but now Facebook have patched their loophole to disallow other users to pretend as Indonesian user to set first name as complete name. Still as said like nothing is impossible, their is a way to bypass their system. So follow the steps to hide your last name on Facebook.

How to hide last name on Facebook?

Steps you have to perform
1. Log in to your Facebook account.
2. Navigate to "Account Settings" page.

3. Change the language from "English" or any other language you set earlier to "Bahasa Indonesia". Click on "Save Changes".

4. Now you need to show Facebook system that you are actually from Indonesia. To do so, simply get any live Indonesian proxy from here.
5. Copy down proxy and it's port. Make sure the proxy have medium level speed and its of "Transparent"anonymity.

6. Now we need to set this proxy into browser. I have used "Mozilla Firefox" while doing this trick. So I have shown here screenshot to set proxy on Firefox browser. Do the similar with other browsers.

I have already a proxy in my browser! What should I do?
Don't worry, I have solution for this too. You need to register here and download the VPN software "PD- Proxy". Remember your username and password, you need to enter the credential into software.
Note: Normal users who don't have proxy in browser should skip these steps! Continue with step 7.
  • After downloading their software, extract it and open "PD-Proxy.exe". Wait until it installs network drivers.
  • Fill your username and password in main window.
  • Switch to settings tab. Click on "Show advance settings".
  • Switch to "Parent proxy" section. Enter the proxy and port that your browser currently have. Click on "Save & go back". Make sure you have selected "Server and protocol" as "Demo server" and "TCP". Click on connect. You should get successful connected message.
  • Remove proxy port from browser. Now follow below steps normally.

7. Select Tools -> Options -> Select "Advanced" tab -> Network -> Tick on "Manual proxy configuration" , write down your proxy and port address and tick on "Use this proxy for all protocols" -> Click on save.
Note: Do not use the proxy shown in screenshot, It may get dead. Always use fresh proxies.

8. It's time to hide your last name. Because we have changed the language to Indonesia, follow my screenshots to do necessary steps. Click on "Sunting" in front of "Nama". Fill your first name and clear all other fields. Enter your password and hit enter.

9. Now check out your profile. It should display you only the first name.
10. Revert back the proxy settings to default one. Change language back to "English (US)" or your one's.

Hide last name on Facebook
Reviewed by Vinay Vernekar

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