Top 5 Ad networks to use with Google Adsense

Many of the newbie bloggers ask me about the ways to monetise from blogs which are compatible and legal to use with Google Adsense network. Here I have posted top 5 Ad networks to use along with Google Adsense service to increase your revenue. Note that showing too much ads on websites results into degradation of website performance and finally you may loose your valuable visitors.

Top 5 Ad networks to use with Google Adsense

1. Yahoo! / Bing Contextual Ad Network is a contextual ad network run by a partnership between Yahoo! and Bing, two of Google’s biggest competitors. It functions in generally the same way as AdSense, and offers many of the same options. This ad network provides standard ad sizes (e.g., 728×90, 300×250, etc.) as well as contextual link units that direct to “landing pages” of targeted ads.

2. Infolinks
Infolinks is a provider of so called “smart ads,” with their most common solution involving the display of ads when users hover their mouse over linked content. Infolinks also offers “skinned” ads that fit in the empty space to the right and left of a site’s content, as well as text links that can be inserted within content.

3. Outbrain
Outbrain is an ad network that generally has publishers on both sides of the payment equation. They’re responsible for many of the “sponsored content” sections around the web, in which publishers pay to have links to their content featured on other sites. When these links are clicked, the referring site earns some revenue while the destination site gets a new visitor.
Outbrain ads are generally pretty far down on the page, and as such won’t earn nearly as much as traditional ad units placed above the fold. But they can be an effective way to generate incremental ad revenue from visitors who would otherwise leave the site once they’ve finished consuming a piece of content.

4. Taboola 
It offers a similar service for publishers willing to include links to external content on their sites.Outbrain is used right alongside AdSense on many sites. Publishers simply need to create a section of their site dedicated to hosting this sponsored content. Below is an example of Outbrain and AdSense ads side-by-side, taken from an article on
Undertone specializes in “high impact” ad units, which typically means the ad units that disrupt the user experience in order to get messaging in front of them. These can include so called “pop-up” ads that appear over the site’s natural content. While most visitors to a site may view them as annoying advertisements, the fact is that they’re very effective at drawing attention to the ad’s content. And that means that advertisers are willing to pay premium CPMs to get to these ad placements on highly targeted sites.

Top 5 Ad networks to use with Google AdsenseReviewed by Vinay Vernekar

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