Top free image editing tools

You can create, edit any image using image editing tools like Photoshop. Most of the user stay away from such kind of tools because they have fear in mind that image can be editable only by pro designers. Here I have posted some of the best, light and free image editing tools to create greeting cards, awesome graphics, business cards, collages, website designs and other whole lot of things. This software allows you to perform standard photo enhancement task by using basic image editing. Nowadays, there is an increasing demand of such software programs, some people use it for their professional purpose or in business while others are using just for fun.

Top free image editing tools

When you can’t afford high cost and best Photoshop, but still need more power than the Web-based image editor, so the best alternative for Windows user is Paint.NET. Paint.NET’s strength is its instant familiarity to anyone who’s ever used an image editor, and how easy it is for novices to master. A nice Top Image Editors Softwares.

NET. Paint.NET requires the Microsoft .NET framework to run. If you wish you could run Paint.NET on another system then install a software called Pinta for Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS.

You’ll find just about every tool you could ever need to manipulate an image, plus plenty of cool effects to apply after the fact.The interface is actually very Photoshop-esque, with floating toolbars such as a color picker, layers, and image history (so you can undo or redo things as much as you like), plus a menu bar with the typical choices on top. Paint.NET isn’t about image organization—it’s pure-play image editing and drawing.
  • GIMP (Available for Windows | Mac | Linux)

GIMP is totally free of cost. GIMP has been continually updated as its built in 1996.Version 2.8 added a nice change to a single-window interface so all the toolbars float inside the GIMP window.

It’s got the standard tools, brushes, layers, and special effects. The features options are extensive, probably too extensive for a novice; GIMP really is for experienced users. If you don’t care for GIMP’s low user interface, download it it is for free for you for all OS.

  • Pixlr (Available For Online | iOS | Android)

Autodesk has an entire suite of Pixlr apps for use on the Web and smartphones.

You can add borders, stickers, and text. Express is also the name for the two mobile versions of Pixlr currently available for phones, with interfaces very similar to the desktop browser version.

Pixlr Express Plus for iOS takes advantage of the chips in the new iPhone 5s to apply many fantastic edits.

PicMonkey edits a photo from any desktop browser that supports Flash or installed flash. From this your image look like a zombie or vampire—even the sparkly kind— for Halloween.A nice Top Image Editors Softwares.

The Royale membership is for $4.99 a month or $33 a year. With this Royale Membership you will get effects extras, you can remove PicMonkey stamp for some effects, and no ads with this ugrade experience.. There’s a PicMonkey Facebook app, and a special extension for the Google Chrome browser that makes it easy to grab images for editing. Still, you’ll find more than enough uses for it without paying a dime.

Crop, rotate, resize, and sharpen basic features are there  . Special effects for pics have funky names in keeping with PicMonkey’s fame, and there are templates for making collages of multiple photos.

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