WhatsApp Tricks (Working in 2014)

WhatsApp has changed the era of old messaging style. No more SMS packs, no message transmission delays! WhatsApp is widely used online messaging app nowadays due to it's simplicity, platform independent, availability with free of cost. So lots of users are in search of working tips and tricks for WhatsApp, such as "Disabling Last Seen feature from WhatsApp". Here I have posted some of tested and working tricks for WhatsApp. Lets check out them.

WhatsApp Tricks (Working in 2014)
WhatsApp Tricks (Working in 2014)

Steps you have to perform
  • Hacking the conversation
Did your friend always try to hide something from you? Did you ever wanted to know whats going on through his WhatsApp account? Do you have access to his phone bu can't open his WhatsApp because of security or anything else? Here we have solution for this too! Once you get the offline database of WhatsApp application, you can read their messages. So follow these steps,

1. Go to the MicroSD card section, click on the WhatsApp and later on on the Database option.
Here you will find two files namely,

2. Just send these files from your friend's mobile to your with Bluetooth or WiFi.
3. Place these files on directory where your WhatsApp has database files. Backup your files and replace them with new one.
4. Done, now read the messages through WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp without using your phone number
1. Download and install WhatsApp for your device.
2. During verification process, you will notice that it sends the verification message to its server.
3. At the same time, you need block this message to be transferred to their server, this can be easily done by keeping your phone on flight mode.
4. Don't worry, WhatsApp has an alternative way for the verification, so choose the verify through message option and fill up your email address and then click on the send option and as soon as that cancel the sending message option.
5. Now you need to do is message spoofing. Enter the mobile number for which you want to create an account. You will receive messages for the spoofed number of your device, and then you can use your WhatsApp to communicate with people with your spoofed number.
  • Lock WhatsApp with password
You can ensure that nobody will ever see your messages in absence of you using password protectors.
1. Android users can download and install the application WhatsAppLock.
2. Blackberry users can download and install same application from here.
3. Unfortunately there are no applications available for Symbian and iOS users.

  • Disable last Seen on WhatsApp:
Do you want to hide last seen time stamp from your friends? We have the solution for this too. Just download the application from this post.
  • Maintain more than one WhatsApp accounts (For Android)
Download and install the application WhatsMore from Google Store.

Set up procedures:
Assume you have phone number 1 and phone number 2. Follow the following steps to do the configuration:

1. Make sure the WhatsApp is properly registered with phone number 1.
2. Start WhatsMore and swipe to the tab - Manage Profiles.
3. Click the [import] button on the bottom of the screen.
4. Input a profile name when prompted for.
5. After import success, you can see the button on the bottom of the screen has the label changed. It should read ‘Prepare WhatsApp for a new registraion’.
6. Click the [prepare] button and you will get a warning dialog.
7. Click [Continue] and wait for the process to be finished.
8. Turn off the phone and swap the SIM cards of phone number 1 and 2.
9. Start WhatsApp
10. Go through the WhatsApp registration procedure using the phone number 2.
11. Make sure the new phone number 2 is working on the WhatsApp.
12. Start WhatsMore and swipe to the tab - Manage Profiles.
13. Click the [import] button on the bottom of the screen.
14. Input a profile name when prompted for.
15. Swipe to the tab - Status.
  • Install WhatsApp on PC
You can run WhatsApp on Windows and Mac OS using Bluestack android emulator. We have already posted a trick on it here. Just check it out!

  • Hide One Image into Another for Nice Prank
Well you might have faced this thing but you might ignored as you thought it could not be possible, but yes you can easily fake any image by just simply using original image as your masked image and using another image as your fake image.

Well we will be using the Magiapp for Android that will allow you to hold two images one your True Image and the other one will be your Fake image that will shown when someone clicks on your original image.

1. Download & Install Magiapp for android.
2. After installing this app, just fire it up and then you will see interface something lie in the image on the right.
3. Just click on the True Image option and choose your original image and then click on the Fake Image option and choose your pranky image.
4. Now after selecting your images just press Do Magic ! option and voila! its done now just share your image with everyone.

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