Upload restricted file formats on social networking websites

Many or all of the email services as well as social networking websites have restricted to upload any sort of the executable file format such as .exe or .bat files. Because these files are considered to be as a security threat to the system. You can't even upload a compressed file such as zip which contain executable files. So I have posted two ways to send almost any file format that are restricted by email providers or by social networking website.

Upload restricted file formats on social networking websites

Steps you have to perform
  • Using Cloud Storage
1. Google Drive is known to be one of the best cloud storage service. But still there are many of other providers such as Box.com, JustCloud.com
2. Just upload the file which you want to share with friends.
3. You can set sharing option to public, private or for specific person
4. Share the link with your friends so that they can download and make use of file.

  • Changing The Extension Of File
1. Go to the directory where your file which is to be send is located.
2. Press shift key and right click, select Open Command window here to open the Command Prompt.

3. Type the command as
ren filename.exe filename.txt
-filename.exe will be your file with any extension.
-filename.txt is the name of output file with the extension to which you want to convert. Here it has .txt as extension.

4. You will get the file with specified extension. Just upload the file through mail or from social networking websites.

What the receiver of file should do to get original file?

Just hit the command on command prompt as
 ren filename.txt filename.exe
Note that you should apply same extension that the file was having at the time of sender was sending. Here in this case it's .exe.

Using this method you can change any file extension to any other extension.

Upload restricted file formats on social networking websitesReviewed by Vinay Vernekar

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