Use keyboard as mouse in Windows

You might faced an issue where the functionality of mouse was not working at all. You had tried everything possible solution but none of the solutions worked! What to do in such situations if you will have really important work and the same situation raised in future? Don't worry, we have solution for this. Windows have provided us the feature to use numpad as mouse. I have posted two ways below, one by using Windows by default functionality and other one by using third party application.

Use keyboard as mouse in Windows
Use keyboard as mouse in Windows
Steps you have to perform
  • Using Windows by default functionality
1. Activate MouseKey functionality by pressing  Alt + Shift + Numlock key. As soon as you do it, you will be prompt with the below dialog box, Just click Yes to it.

Use keyboard as mouse in Windows

2. Done, now use 8,2,4,6,1,3,7 and 9 Keys from Numpad to move Up, Down, Left, Right, Bottom left, Bottom right, Upper left, Upper right Respectively.

Use keyboard as mouse in Windows

  • Using third party application
NeatMouse is a small tool for Windows that allows controlling your mouse cursor via keyboard.

Use keyboard as mouse in Windows

Key features of NeatMouse:
  • NeatMouse can be activated by one of the following keys: Num Lock, Scroll Lock, Caps Lock, or by the custom hotkey.
  • Select one of the Ctrl, Alt or Shift buttons for alternate speed modifiers. When this button is pressed, mouse pointer moves with alternate speed.
  • Select one of the Ctrl, Alt or Shift for no-emulation mode. When this button is pressed and you press a keyboard button bound to the mouse action, this button performs its primary task as if there is no mouse emulation.
  • Specify regular and alternate mouse speed.
  • Bind keys for moving mouse left, right, up, down, and diagonally.
  • Bind keys for left mouse button click, right mouse button click, middle mouse button click.
  • Bind keys for scrolling up and down.
  • Manage custom user settings: if you use portable version of NeatMouse, you can create different settings for your laptop and workstation.
Use keyboard as mouse in Windows

Use keyboard as mouse in WindowsReviewed by Vinay Vernekar

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