FCall.in – Free 4 Minutes Of Calls, 460 Chars SMS And Free Recharge

We use many apps for making free calls. But all of these apps includes use of internet.For eg for calling through Computer we use Skype.Viber and other apps for your mobile. But there is no app or trick through which you can call for free without internet connection.

Fcall.in is a site through which you can call for free without internet connection or without any registration fees.Also you get opportunity to earn recharge and get gifts.

Here are the features of Fcall:

Hello friend this is exciting site that provides free calls of 4 minutes to anywhere in India. It provides 20 minutes daily. It also provides you free 460 character SMS. which is extint now.

Site has also added Free Recharge Feature in which:

1. You will get 4 paisa for each sms you send
2. You will get 3 paisa for each quiz you attempt
3. You will get 2 paisa for each True false question you attempt
4. You will get 1 paisa for each poll you attempt
5. You may earn upto Rs 5 for each refferal minimum Rs.1

More features of Fcall.in :

*When you reach 100 friends join you will get gifts like T-shirt or Cap or Rs. 50 recharge
*When You reach 200 friends join you will get gifts like swiss knife or Rs. 100 recharge.
*When you reach 300 friends join you will get gifts like Speaker or Rs. 200

1. Visit here www.fcall.in
2. Register with new a/c
3. You will get four digit password by sms to your mobile

Additional Feature :
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Ip tracking
  • Great thing about fcall.in:
  • Crystal clear voice
  • No waiting in queue
  • 4 minutes of calling

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