Top Google searching techniques

No doubt that the Google is most widely used popular search engine website. You may use Google to search required data. But might unaware about some of the advanced techniques to search them efficiently. Here I have posted most of the searching techniques that you should know.

Top Google searching techniques

Type in Google :- Samsung mobile
Result :- the words “samsung” and “mobile”

Type in Google :- cycling OR boating
Result :- either the word cycling or the word boating

Type in Google :- “love me tender”
Result :- the exact phrase love me tender

Type in Google :- printer -inkjet
Result :- the word printer but NOT the word inkjet

Type in Google :- fast & furious +2
Result :- movie title including the number 2

Type in Google :- ~angry
Result :- looks up the word angry and synonyms

Type in Google :- define:serendipity
Result :- definitions of the word serendipity

Type in Google :- how now * cow
Result :- the words how now cow separated by one or more words

– subtraction:
Type in Google :- 978-456

+ addition:
Type in Google :- 500+250

* multiplication:
Type in Google :- 500*250

% of percentage:
Type in Google :- 50% of 100

/ division:
Type in Google :- 500/250

^ raise to a power:
Type in Google :- 6^10

old in new (conversion)
Type in Google :- 45 celsius in Fahrenheit

site: (search only one website)
Type in Google :- site: “invisible web”

link: (find linked pages)
Type in Google :- link:

#…#(search within a number range)
Type in Google :- samsung mobile $200…$300

daterange:(search within specific date range)
Type in Google :- bosnia daterange:200508-200510

safesearch: (exclude adult content)
Type in Google :- safesearch:breast cancer

info: (find info about a page)
Type in Google :- info:

related: (related pages)
Type in Google :- related:

cache: (view cached page)
Type in Google :-

filetype:(restrict search to specific filetype)
Type in Google :- zoology filetype:ppt

allintitle: (search for keywords in page title)
Type in Google :- allintitle: ”nike” running

inurl:(restrict search to page URLs)
Type in Google :- inurl:chewbacca (specific domain search)
Type in Google :-,,, etc.

site:country code (restrict search to country)
Type in Google :- “rio de Janeiro”

intext:(search for keyword in body text)
Type in Google :- intext:parlor

allintext: (return pages with all words specified in body text)
Type in Google :- allintext:north pole

book(search book text)
Type in Google :- book The Lord of the Rings

phonebook:(find a phone number)
Type in Google :- phonebook: Google CA

bphonebook: (find business phone numbers)
Type in Google :- bphonebook: Intel OR

rphonebook: (find residential phone numbers)
Type in Google :- rphonebook: Joe Smith Seattle WA

movie:(search for showtimes)
Type in Google :- movie: wallace and gromit 97110

stocks:(get a stock quote)
Type in Google :- stocks: ncesa

weather:(get local weather)
Type in Google :- weather: 40000

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I thought that I know how to search on Google, but after reading your tips I realized there are things to learn. I was not aware that plus/minus work with keywords as well. Quite useful tips and will try to use all these techniques in searching.


I really appreciate your hard work.The articles post by u on this web sites is really looking nice and this site is google friendly site. Thanks for good article.


Thanks, I wasn’t aware of the tilde ~ for synonym searches. Safesearch I always thought had to be done via settings. The asterisk does what “NEAR” does in some database searches (that one has to pay for though). What I still struggle with is the “link” attribute: in many cases it does not work as expected. I know quite a few sites where the results is zero despite their links in the thousands. It seems this applies esp. to more recent sites (though that’s relative: in Internet terms, three months to a year is actually quite long, still some get this zero result in Google). But against Google, the other three (ask, Bing, Yahoo) are a laugh: Bing recently showed me 3 results one day, then 377 results the next, then 7 the next, then 260 the next for the very same URL (and no, the domain was not down, it worked just fine every time, it was just Bing not getting its act together).


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