Create fake WhatsApp conversation to prank your friends

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging nowadays. Many of my friends asking me for new tricks. Today I will show you how to create a fake WhatsApp Conversation creating app called “WhatsSaid”.

It works on the same principle how the Facebook fake wall machine used to work,  you can just create fake messages from the receiver and add your own. Then you can easily show the whole conversation to your friends about what actually happened.

Create fake WhatsApp conversation to prank your friends
Create fake WhatsApp conversation to prank your friends
Steps you have to perform
  • Download and install WhatsSaid on your android device.
  • Now transfer this file to your android device and then install it normally.
  • After installing this application you will notice that the app interface looks pretty similar to the WhatsApp one.
  • Now you can just name your fake friend and add his image and start creating fake chat conversation.
  • Well you can also share the whole chat conversation through facebook or messages, so now share it and have fun.

So now using this easy and simple application you can easily bypass the fear of your girlfriend opening your chat session and threatening you, simply show her that you were talking to some of your friend regarding her beauty. So you got my point, I hope you will have fun using this application, kudos.

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