Top 60 things that every Computer Geek should know

A computer geek is a man who have potentiality to answer all the mystical questions of his relatives or buddies and off class no one is best in this world even a pc Geek can-not be a specialist without perseverance and deficiency of skills so we’ve some excellent subjects covered in this post to foster your general knowledge so have fun discovering your loop-holes and filling them with these significant posts.

Top 60 things that every Computer Geek should know

GPU – Graphics Processing Unit
USB – Universal Serial Bus
CPU – Central Processing Unit
SATA – Serial ATA
ATA – AT Attachment (AT Attachment Packet Interface (ATAPI)
HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTML – Hyper-text Markup Language
P2P – peer to peer
FTP – File Transfer Protocol
  • How to Hack some Common Gadgets
Hacking out some common daily used gadgets can undoubtedly foster your general work expertise, If you are uncertain about how to do that than make sure to check this link over here.

  • Protect yourself from Key-loggers
Some areas like Internet Cafe and other Hotspots have become the main place for key-logging actions, you do not know if they have installed a key-logger software or hardware apparatus to hack your credentials but you can evade key-loggers to play safe on the internet access this post on how to protect yourself.

  • Surf the Web Anonymously
This should not be employed because if its used than possibilities are that you’re going to attempt something illegal but you should know how you can use the TOR to get anonymity web experience online, Tor is an onion-routing program making it “hopeless” for everyone to find out who you truly are. Click here to know more.

  • Bypass a Computer Password on Windows
Clearly this is something which is totally illegal to attempt, but still you should have some knowledge that how its done so that if you sometime you misplace the code of your own PC then this will be a big help to your in bypassing its security.

  • Locate an Users IP Tackle on AIM
Knowing someone’s Internet Protocol address is really pretty useless in this case, but most folks don’t comprehend that. If some body is harassing you via AIM and you can’t get them to discontinue, finding their IP address and sending it to them-with a properly worded risk of law enforcement involvement should they not quit-is likely enough to send them scamping a way with tail between legs, check always how its completed. Click here to know more

  • Hide a File Behind a JPEG
So you’ll need a pleasant area to conceal your blackmail personal files. You could, obviously, bury them seriously within some arbitrary, useless folders, but there is constantly the opportunity of them being found. A code word shielded RAR is the greatest choice, but it’s a little evident despite the most boring title you could give it. A sneaky man would hide the important file behind a totally haphazard and tedious family reunion picture, where no person in their correct mind would change through. Click here to know more

  • Crack a Wi-Fi Password
This can be 1 of those things you don’t need to do (ideally), but that you nevertheless need to understand only for the sake of knowledge. A powerful WPA password is quite safe, but most individuals do not desire to bother learning a convoluted chain of letters, numbers, and symbols, instead preferring for arbitrary regular words. A good overall tutorial on Wi-Fi and cra*king can be located here.
  • Monitor Network Traffic
The Net is a vast area with a bit of everything. Whether you’re interested by what your roommate is downloading, your kid is engaging in, or any leeches residing around you who have unscrupulously broken your Wi-Fi, knowing just how to assess network traffic is an invaluable skill. Here is a list of a large number of network analyzers, also as some general info to enable you to get began. Click for more info.

  • Recover Master Boot Record
A virus or other trouble may lead to an MBR malfunction, that may help it become impossible to get install. Many users would simply become disappointed and reinstall, but not you! Every geek should understand the best way to regain the master publication record. Click for more info.

  • Load Rockbox onto an MP3 Player
The firmware that comes on your own average mp3 player is meant for those people who are scared of innovative characteristics; often, the only audio settings accessible are a few prearranged EQs. If you’re an audiophile–or simply frustrated with the lack of control over your music settings–Rockbox is the firmware for you, Open source and free, it can be installed on several distinct sorts of players and empowers total control over what you hear to. Click here for more info

  • Unbrick a Smartphone
No geek can resist the allure of flashing the newest beta firmware onto their gleaming smartphone. The byproduct of that’s occasionally a bricked mobile, which would leave many sobbing in to their pillow at night. To avoid rendering your $400 gadget in to a door stopper, discover the art work of unbricking and then flash a way. As the procedure used to repair a cellphone will vary, this is the finest place to start looking for replies:

  • DRM
DRM is very frustrating. With several internet stores today providing DRM-free music audio-files, it would appear as it utilized to be it is never as large of an dilemma. That’s perhaps maybe not the situation, yet, with all movies showing quality than MP3 together with audio of a greater- a DRM. Burning Windows DRM isn’t authorized. If you are a GEEK, you likely don’t care. Click here for more.

  • Home-brew Hack Game Systems
Video game consoles are infamous for having characteristics you can not use only because the manufacturing company determined to lock in them down. As a Geek, you can not simply be filled with the characteristics they determined to offer you. No, simply take a look within and you’ve to cr**k that situation available. Every poindexter discover it is full potentiality and should understand just how to home-brew compromise their program.

  • Locate a Web Site IP-Address without CMD Prompt Access
Some college admins believe when they lock-down the control prevent all the sites you really need to see and prevent and fast all leading Internet Protocol Address lookup sites they are being underhanded. Naturally, which is child’s perform for any dweeb. First, to get a new command prompt, open Notepad and type: Then, save as “cmd.bat”. You now have a command prompt. Now open the command prompt and type xxxxxxping to locate the IP number of that web site. Enter the web site in to the browser and you’ll formally have amazed all of your pals.

  • Bypass School or Work Website Blocks
What’s a terrible scenario for an ordinary pc person is an easy annoyance for an regular nerd. To avoid a web site prevent/filtration, only enter that sites ip-address in rather of the real site address.

  • Mess with Wi-Fi Leeches
No one enjoys a Wi-Fi leech. At-best, they are only burning up your precious bandwidth. At much more probably -and the worst, they are snitching your id and viewing your tasks. After determining the leech and viewing your system, utilize this technique to turn their browser upside-down and allow them to understand you do not value the attack. Click here to know more

  • Hexadecimal and Binary Number Systems
Everybody understands the standard, regular number method utilized. It requires binary and hexadecimal number methods to be – additionally known by an unique-potentially psychotic person. Here is an outstanding interactional guide on understanding both techniques. Click here to know more

  • How to Hotwire an Automobile
Before you are asked by somebody how to hotwire an automobile if any moment their pc problems, their dvd-player wants repaired is constantly turned to you by your household, or their security program does not trigger, it is simply an issue of time. Would not it be wonderful to be capable to reply them? To understand this exceptional ability, study here

  • Computer Cleaning Arsenal On Your Own USB Drive
A superb nerd conditions for their pals ignorance. Until their device is thus contaminated it can not pull it self in to a serious however many times you inform them to quit installing pornography, they maintain carrying it out. A collection of mobile malware products, a mobile process supervisor, antivirus, and so on, may make these unplanned purging periods all the simpler.

  • Running an OS from an USB Drive
Many individuals do not actually comprehend what the magic OS is. As a Geek, you have a modest operating-system in your flash drive useful for these occasions you want pc entry but do not understand the code word to a near-by pc and should surpass that fundamental understanding. Click here to know more.

  • Comprehend What “There Is no Place Like″ Means
As a shorthand signal because of their pc finesse-or possibly simply to sleep with with others who look but can’t figure out what this means this top is worn by a lot of nerds. Regardless of the rationale, if you had enjoy an reply, Click here to know more.

  • Study 1337 At Standard Speed
Certainly, everybody understands about it and it is not trendy, but you should be competent to study it full-speed, if you are heading to announce your self as a Geek. Who needs to choke facing the aspirant that reflects it in-your-face and realized to study it full-speed? Click here to know more

At Least One Fictional Language And perhaps not just should you understand an imaginary vocabulary, but you should put it to use to state some thing about your self. Does one select Klingon or Quenya? Here’s an inventory of built languages. Click here to know more.

  • How to Survive in a Linux Argument
Linux is getting an all about greater position in the nerd world, and it is leap to enter a dialogue at some stage (which may always find yourself turning out to be a quarrel). You will have to comprehend the common information of fundamental issues, together with the fundamental purposes of Linux, if you desire to maintain up. Here’s a great spot to study and obtain a grip. Click here for full info.

  • Recognize Leading Constellations
For these occasions you enterprise from your airconditioned, pc stuffed cellar of your parents home (or some thing like that), appear up at the celebrities and have your self a Galileo second. The celebrities might be facts to a lot of people, but with the convenient web site underneath, you will be quitting guy- tigers and straps right away. Click here to know more.

  • Use a Camera in Manual ModePositive
you could simply use auto mode like everyone else overly terrified to discover what some letters and figures mean, but then you wouldn’t be much of a Geek, The oft-ignored dial on a camera is the key that unleashes the best quality photos possible, and every geek should be a whiz at using one. Click here to know more.

  • Who Scully and Mulder Are
This indicates that in the superfluity of geek sites, there constantly appears a jest about Scully and Mulder, both principal characters in the X-files. If you do not know who they’re, you will be left at night, alone, studying what precisely it was you were performing in the 90′s that you don’t comprehend the jest. Click here to know more.

  • JavaScript
Hypertext Markup Language is working the planet (maybe not actually). Everyone understands some Hypertext Markup Language and it makes them sense empowered. As a Geek, you need to transcend that fundamental knowledge that others understand and share a bit more. JavaScript is the reply- it seems terrifying to anybody who does not understand it, and it’s simple if you are maybe not truly intrigued in internet programming, but only inquisitive to understand. Click here to know more.
  • How to Install Mac OS X on a PC
Does not suggest you should not understand how to do it simply because you do not need Apple on your Computer. Knowledge is strength, right? Click here to know more.

  • Construct a PC
It is possible to make sure of one matter, if you buy a readymade PC -you are spending a lot more than you should. Assembling your own Computer is the first point you should be planning to realize as a dweeb, and is not overly tough. Here’s a substantial post on assembling your own Computer:

  • Wiring a House Theater System
Home theater systems used to consist of a TV and a chair. Gone are those times of ease, yet, and creating a contemporary system can be pure mind boggling horror. Here’s a tutorial, including superb diagrams, to demonstrate how. Click here to know more

  • Replacing a Laptop LCD
Notebook LCDs are exposed to a variety of mishaps: random pressure places, shadows, air soft pellets…. When you have to swap your liquid crystal display for a fresh one no issue, there will come a stage. Now, as a Geek, you likely do not have a service contract. If that is the situation, here are a few superb pages and images on replacing the screen. Click here to know more

  • Make a Notebook Cooling Pad
Is it possible to consider these price $50?! Because information crunching/DVD ripping/movies playing/leaving at identical times has a tendency to cause excessive heat, one will be needed by a dweeb. Instead of spending your challenging got dollars, make your own like thus. Click here to know more.

  • Unleash a Laser Pointer’s full potential
An ordinary man works on the laser pointer to push their puppy mad. Subsequently snap it keep it away from flesh/eyes/aircraft and back together, to unless the situation is opened by a laser pointer’s full-strength, cra*k, fry the resistor with a warm soldering iron. The pointer will burn-out after a number of hours, but what an interesting few hours they’re going to be. Note: this is hazardous. Do Not do something ignorant.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
This depends in your OS and the programs you use, therefore there is no tutorial accessible. Yet, which is unrelated-you are a Geek, you’ll be able to uncover them yourself. Shortcuts are the dissimilarity between slow pc user and a dweeb. Because they do virtually everything from their keypad, the Geek will constantly will outside in a speed competition.

  • Soldering Eyeglasses Jointly
Nerds use tape on damaged glasses; soldering is used by geeks. ‘Nuff stated.
  • The Best Way to Run a Shell Script
You will have to try this at some stage, if you are an accurate geek. Below are directions on just how to do this. Recall: constantly be careful now do ya, when managing a script, you do not need your pc to show into a doorstop? Click here to know more.

  • How to Hack a Pop Machine
Thus snitching is not trendy. Still, hacking is only a misunderstood artwork, correct? Because it is maybe not about the soda, it about the joy of getting your manner, so hacking a soda machine is not actually larceny. Or something like this. (Newsbreak, it’s prohibited, do not do it.) If you need to strive your fingers at obtaining a free Coke, have a look at this hyperlink

  • Turn a Laptop into a Digital Picture Frame
So you need showing off images of that woman and your puppy you once satisfied, but you need to do it in an uber-geeky manner. But you…oh, you are overly clever for that. No, rather you will locate a vintage notebook on for $5 and transform it in to a true work art. Click here to know more.

  • The Best Way to Mod a Thumb Drive Case
Whatever. The instance your memory stick came in is likely poor & most surely simple. Why maybe not jazz it upwards with your own exceptional fashion? Here’s one instance mod, and lots of connected undertakings. Click here to know more.

  • Do Great Things to Altoids Cans
Individuals are enthusiastic about these matters. Altoids cans are simply begging to be stuffed with possibly some snuff, digital audio players, audio amps, and light emitting diodes, and permanent, modest. A superb geek will uncover numerous uses for these small alloy wonders. If you require a psychological boost, yet, here’s some fascinating links. Click here to know more.  

  • Convert Cassette Tapes to Digital Audio Files
Why maybe not respire digital lifestyle into them before they drop ill to fatal destiny? Click here to know more.

  • Run Your Own Ethernet Line
Wireless LAN has taken the position of a wired link in many houses, and with good grounds-you can go anywhere, no cables crucial. What about those…sensitive…activities that you’d rather the neighborhood script kiddie did not see on your wlan? An Ethernet cable is your option. Click here to know more

  • Set Up a Streaming Media Server With electronic files becoming the ultimate medium, many people have hundreds of gigabytes worth of photos, videos, and music. You could keep them on a portable hard drive, however you’re have to get it every where, and only one man could utilize it at a time. The option is a streaming media server, something no Geek can live without. Click here to know more
  • Setting up a VPN
You can not reside without your computers, if you are like most geeks. They keep your existence in some poetic fashion, holding files you feel a personal connection with…. Anyway, should you be at work and suddenly understand you left an significant picture at home (or you require blackmail substance pronto), having a VPN ready to go will conserve you big-time. Click here to know more

Turn Web-Cams into Security CamerasIs someone stealing your Netflix DVDs? Do you suppose it truly is a fat hairy guy in his boxers every morning taking them? If so, it is possible to get your proof using a couple webcams and a bit of software. Click here to know more
  • Control Your House Lights with a Computer
Controlling the lights within your house via computer is an excellent method to freak out the neighborhood kids ding dong-ditching (assuming you wire up a Halloween scream movement detector, additionally). If you grounds are less nefarious, you just utilize it to start and off lights without having alive ye butt from thy seat, which is an excellent motive by itself. Click here to know more.

  • Put LEDs Inside a Light Bulb
The times of mercury and hot incandescent -load fluorescent are gone, and in are the times of long lasting, low heat, reduced consumption LEDs. As worthwhile geek, you need to be capable to say “I was doing X long before it became mainstream.” Here’s your opportunity-the subsequent link will demonstrate the best way to put a LED inside a light bulb, something certain to stump your pals the exact same way Grandpa’s ship-in-a-wine bottle used to stump you.Click here to know more.

  • Make Your Workplace Ergonomic
Face it-you devote a lot of time at your desk. You might even have a few additional pounds and pallid epidermis to demonstrate for this. While those things are temporary, far to more severe and common is the carpal tunnel, eye-strain, and back problems you’ll produce from having an undesirable workspace. Hit up this hyperlink to produce a physique-favorable workspace that may keep you limber and adaptable. Click here to know more.  

  • Adding a Third Monitor
Studies demonstrate that double monitor increase work productivity by 30%. As a Geek, you’ll desire a third computer screen to equal the double set up of a layman (if that makes feeling). While any hack with a VGA port can add a second monitor, it takes an actual geek to incorporate a third (or more). So hit up Google and make a search for attaching a third monitor.

  • Flash System BIOS
Ya gotta do it some time, guy upward and so stop putting it away. Flashing the BIOS in your notebook computer might seem scary (as it should-fear keeps you on your toes and prevents errors), but it’s maybe not (actually, it’s, but if you even understand why you have to do this, you’ve gotta have at least a couple of chops by now). Warning-you can critically bork your pc doing this! Click here to know more.

How to Irrecoverably Shield InfoTrueCrypt, my friends. You don’t desire it, if you’ve ask why. Click here to know more

  • The Quickest way to Destroy a Computer
It Is stated that you just have to go into a killers thoughts to comprehend their weaknesses, right? Same goes for the ill-fated boobs who constantly kill their notebook computers. Here’s a listing of the distinct ways you’ll be able to accidentally kill a computer-arm your family and buddies, and save yourself despair (because it is surely you they will call when some thing goes dreadfully, terribly incorrect). Click here to know more.

  • Microsoft Network Monitor
Microsoft Network Monitor is a network protocol analyzer that lets you analyze network traffic, see, and get. Variation 3.3 of Network Computer Screen is available in 32- and 64- bit variations.
Click here to know more.

  • Windows Sysinternals Suite
The Windows Sysinternals Suite is a set of sophisticated tools for troubleshooting dilemmas with Windows-based computers. These tools were originally developed by Winternals Software LP, which Microsoft obtained in 2006. Click here to download.

  • NTFS support for Mac OS
Mac OS-X v10.3 and afterwards include read-only support for NTFS-formatted partitions. The GPL-licensed NTFS-3G additionally works on Mac OS X through FUSE and permits writing and reading to NTFS partitions. A performance enhanced commercial variant, called Tuxera NTFS for Apple, is additionally accessible from the NTFS-3G programmers. NTFS create support was detected in Mac OS X 10.6, but has not been activated as of variation 10.6.1, although hacks do exist make it possible for the functionality. Nevertheless, user reports signify the functionality tends to trigger kernel panics, likely the reason why write support has not been empowered or advertised and is unstable. Download Tuxera NTFS for Mac 2010.9-RC

  • 15 Internet Alternatives to Popular Desktop Applications
Web applications have come a long way. They used to be amateur replicas of their desktop counterparts, with only one or two functions and never in any respect practical. Web applications these days are becoming helpful and so strong that in some events, they’ve started to replace background applications. Click here to know more.

  • Top 6 Underground Search Engines 

You Never Understood AroundIn several cases, these search engines are harnessed into what is presently termed the “invisible net,” which is the information accessible on the net that standard search engines don’t have accessibility to, because they are buried behind query types or directory requests. Click here to know more.

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