5 tips to increase Google Adsense earnings

Many of the bloggers are in search of getting exact knowledge on tweaking Adsense earnings from various source. I myself run Adsense ads on my blog. Here in this post, I have mentioned 5 tips that you should implement in order to lift Adsense earnings.

5 tips to increase Google Adsense earnings
5 tips to increase Google Adsense earnings

Steps you have to perform
  • Maintain Rick Keywords
This is the basic way to earn huge amount of money from Adsense. Searching and viewing previous years statistics of highest paying keywords, you may notice that Insurance, Lawyer etc holds the first position with a Cost-Per-Click more than 100$ each. That doesn’t mean you should focus websites on that topic. Always Focus on topics that you have certain interest. Don’t mix up contents here and there or don’t add off-topic contents. This may reduce your CPC and thus your earnings.

  • Better placement of Ads
Always place your Advertisements where viewers takes a look. For eg: Adsense slots on the header will catch the attention of viewers more that the adsense slots at the footer. Similarly if you have some part on your website where users shall used to click, please make use the advertisements near those part. [Websites with lots of downloadable contents can use this method : Placing Google Adsense slots near the download will give more Click Through Rate]

  • Avoid other third party ad providers
If you want to increase revenue from Adsense, then please avoid filling of web area with other kinds of advertisements and popups. People those who thinks earnings as the one and only one aim through monetizing, let other kinds of advertisements in between Adsense. This is a bad idea. When you increases the number of those advertisements, you loose clicks to your Adsense slots and thus your earnings. Notice that placing of advertisements looks similar to that of Adsense is against Adsense Terms and Conditions and may lead to Account ban.

  • Make use of other platforms
Not only in webpages, but also in Youtube, Feed, apps etc Adsense application is possible. If you have a couple of videos with daily viewers, it should be a great way to maximize your earnings. In a webpage, you can insert one Search unit, 3 Adsense ad units and some link units. Also think about placing Mobile ads from Adsense if you have visitors surfing from a mobile or tablet.

  • Target Traffic from Developed nations
You can earn high Cost Per Click if your visitors are from Developed countries like US, Canada, UK, Australia etc. This can be simply proved by visiting Adwords. Advertising a keyword on these rich countries costs more than advertising the same on developing countries. Consider the case of keyword “Insurance”. The CPC of “Lawyer” costs ~100$ in US and costs ~10$ in India. For better understanding enter to your Adsense account and filter country wise earnings. You could see the difference in CPC.

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