Top 10 facts about Wikipedia

Wikipedia is known as one of the biggest online source to get information for any product, well we won't say just information but in depth analysis report of any thing existing on earth could be found on Wikipedia. One can easily go onto their website and get information about anything, or google anything possibly brings wikipedia page as top results, so its pretty easy to be discovered by anyone. Well, its not considered as trusted source, although its helpful for lot of readers.

Top 10 facts about Wikipedia 

Wikipedia was founded on January 15 (2001) by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.
Wikipedia is a Non-Profit Organization. So its not aimed to earn any profit from people by distributing valuable knowledge. So it does not serve any advertisement, so you can have a popup free experience.
If you want then you can easily Sign-Up and become an editor for Wikipedia, hence creating and modifying articles but that requires some permissions.
Wikipedia articles are served in 285 languages, so person coming from any country can read its articles in his own native language.
The English Language Wikipedia has more then 3+ Million Articles.
Only 35 employees operate the whole Wikipedia Library.
Wikipedia Headquarters are located in San Francisco.
And its servers are hosted in Florida.
Wikipedia site has more then 6884 million page view each year.
Contributors on Wikipedia have written more then 22 million articles.

So these were some amazing facts about wikipedia the awesome encyclopedia that helps millions everyday in getting across the mystery of any thing or person, well do remark if you have some more unique information about this awesome site.

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