Beaware of hacking social networking websites with softwares

Many of my friends are asking me alot about hacking social networking websites. One of my friend tried third party app to hack Facebook profile, but got hacked himself by their trap. What these softwares do that they first ask username and password of your own profile and after that ask username of the person whose account you want to hack. After some of the GUI elements like loading bar, it will show you the error message something like ".NET 3.5 required" etc etc. But the main thing here is that they have stolen your real credentials there. So let us look on some softwares currently floating over internet and be aware about such traps.

Be aware of hacking social networking websites with softwares
Actually there are thousands of such apps, I am just introducing some of them to aware not to get trapped by these softwares. (Do not try these softwares at all).

1. First one is

Their free Facebook hacker program is said to be capable of cracking the password of any Facebook user within a day. Sounds cool, I could try it out, but my Norton Antivirus rejected the file straight away and said it as malware!

2. Second one is s Hack-Fbook-Password, It asks to enter the profile ID of a user and it will crack the password.

It ran certain algorithms to determine the password and finally landed on a page that said you could download the password if we fill an online survey first. It was looking quite real.Those of you who've been redirected to surveys would know they don't work and are put just so to get traffic and earn money.

Why actually hackers do this?

Setting up websites, maintaining them and developing software is not an easy task and requires a lot of hard work. It requires some money too. So why do these 'hackers' do all the hassle? It's because they get equivalent or more money in return and also many benefits. They can extract your credit card details and other banking info from your system and use it for their advantage. They can hack your account and use it for wrong purposes. Give me one reason why one wouldn't steal money and hack accounts for no loss. ITS THE TRUTH!!

Why do people fall in this trap?

Why do people try to use such unreal hacking procedures? It's because it's unreal to me, it's unreal to you but not to those who are not much familiar with the working of a software. They get in the web of these hackers and eventually get screwed up pretty bad without consent.

The websites give guarantees and also portray their 'imaginary' happy customers so as to trick a reader. Such tactics are simple but really powerful and serves to their advantage in most cases. This is also why there are thousands of such websites available.

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