Use Whats App on Web Browsers from PC

Whatsapp is considered as No.1 free messanger till now. There is really good news for employees who have no access in office time. You can message your loving through web interface from now. (Hope your IT manager won't block this website ;) ). Lets go through some steps for activating whatsapp web interface.

Use Whats App on Web Browsers from PC
Use Whats App on Web Browsers from PC

Steps you have to perform
1. Download and install lates version of whatsapp for your device from here.
2. Open website "" on your browser from PC. You will get QR code on screen. You no need to install any software to scan that. Whatsapp have already provided feature on latest version.
3. If you are on personal computer or laptop where no one other then you are using, then tick on "Keep me signed in option", so that you no need to scan QR code repeatably.

Use Whats App on Web Browsers from PC

4. Once installed, Tap the more button and select the WhatsApp Web option. Scan the QR code on the WhatsApp web interface from the mobile app to sign in on your desktop.

Use Whats App on Web Browsers from PC

5. Once the code has been scanned, you will be signed in to the service and all conversations on your phone will by synced to your browser. If you don't redirect, simply reload the page. You can send messages, files, images by clicking on the attachment icon at the top right of a conversation thread.

Use Whats App on Web Browsers from PC

6. If you want to sign out, click the more button at the top right of the list of conversations and select ‘Log out’.
7. WhatsApp Web lets you edit your profile and delivers desktop notifications when you receive a new message. The messages are of course delivered through Chrome’s notification system.

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