Top 12 high paying programming languages

Computer programming is one of the sklil required to discover advanced technologies nowadays. There are some languages which make your skill set more valuable and Quartz has compiled all this data and based on a study from the Brookings Institution, it has created a list of the highest paying computer programming languages.

Top 12 high paying programming languages
Top 12 high paying programming languages

Highest paying computer programming languages ranked by salary
12. PERL - $82,513

11. SQL - $85,511

10. Visual Basic - $85,962

9. C# - $89,074

8. R - $90,055

7. C - $90,134

6. JavaScript – $91,461

5. C++ - $93,502

4. JAVA - $94,908

3. Python - $100,717

2. Objective C - $108,225

1. Ruby on Rails - $109,460

If you love to play with codes and you are having full command over some of these computer programming languages, you can earn around $100,000. You should learn more diverse languages and focus on your strengths if you want one of the highest paying jobs in tech.

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