Use Whatsapp Plus without getting Banned

As we all know, Whatsapp plus is not officially published. But it provides lot of customization. You can change lots of colours, sizes, and many other visual MODs You can increase upload media limit (stock limit is 16Mb) to send large music files or videos You can increase quality of sent pictures (by default resolution is decreased quite a lot) You can share music just with one click You can add contact profile pictures to their chats (Facebook Messenger style) You can hide contact profile pictures and show phonebook pictures To make it more easy, it comes with a Built-in Theme Viewer and Downloader. But nowadays Whatsapp banning access to Whatsapp plus users to for certain period.

Use Whatsapp Plus without getting Banned
Use Whatsapp Plus without getting Banned

Steps you have to perform
1. Open your current WhatsApp app in your mobile and go to Settings a Chat settings a Backup conversations.
2. Uninstall your WhatsApp app from your mobile.
3. Download and install the WhatsApp plus app in your mobile by using the following link: WhatsApp Plus Download Link.
4. Open the WhatsApp plus and click on AGREE and CONTINUE. Enter your mobile number that you are going to use for the WhatsApp plus.
5. Restore backup chat log on WhatsApp plus.
6. Once that action got over, click on continue button. That’s it. Now you can use WhatsApp plus without getting banned.

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