How to run SuperBeam on PC?

There is nothing in the world that can annoy anyone more than having to download various applications/ images/ videos/ audios in more than one device. This usually happens in case when a person makes use of two or more devices. And not just that, it is even a gruesome experience for people who need to rely on Bluetooth for sharing stuff with their friends and family. Who can wait for hours? Seriously! If you’re one of us, who have been tortured and had given delusional hopes by Bluetooth then it’s time for you switch to SuperBeam.

What Is Superbeam?

Thanks to the advancement in the technological world, LiveQoS has blessed the sharing world with the launch of Superbeam. Superbeam is a mobile application that works easily on Android and iOS based devices. With Superbeam at your service, you can share huge files, documents, audios, videos, images and even applications with other devices that have Superbeam in their smartphones.

Why Should One Opt for Superbeam?

Surely, there are several similar applications available on internet for free download and usage, just like this one, but there is a huge quality difference between this and the others. Unlike others, this one offers quality. Here’s why you should definitely have SuperBeam on your device :

Just as the name suggests, Superbeam is actually a ‘superb’ and ‘super-fast’ way of transferring files. With this, you can send and receive multiple files of any type and MB in just a few seconds. You can even count to 10 till you receive it. This one is seriously the fastest application for speedy transfers. It’s time for you to stop wasting your time while hogging with Bluetooth, and enjoy blazing high speed transfers.

Offline Connection:

To be able to make use of this amazing application, you need not be connected to internet all the time. Superbeam also allows its users to transfer files via the offline mode. You no longer have to be in the Wifi network area to be able to share stuff with other devices.

Varied Options:

The best part about Superbeam is that it offers not one, not two but three completely different ways of sharing data. Don’t you think it’s really cool to have more options? 

 Here are the ways via which you can share files :

A. If you and the other device are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network then you can simply choose the Wi-Fi Direct option. This lets you establish online connectivity for which you most evidently require internet.
B. In case you are not under internet connectivity, you can opt for NFC. In this you simply have to tap both the devices together and within seconds you’d be able to share files.
C. You can also opt for QR Code method in which one phone can scan other’s QR code and instantly send or receive files.

How To Get SuperBeam On PC?

This application is so awesome that everyone would want to have it on their PC. To get this on your PC follow these simple steps:

  • Download an emulator, preferably Bluestack from here!
  • Install it.
  • Open installed Bluestack.
  • Search for Superbeam.
  • When found click on install button in Playstore to start downloading it.
  • Wait till it gets downloaded and install.

There you go! You can access the same from All Apps section of Bluestacks, and make the most of it!

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