Block internet access for specific apps on Android with net blocker

Today we are introducing an amazing app that will let you block internet access for specific apps on your Android phone,This app will prove to be very helpful for the users who want to use free browsing offers from their operators like reliance is offering free Twitter this IPL season but other background apps will eat up your balance and internet data,so it will be of no use to enjoy free data/offer,Net blocker app acts in your favor to help you block internet access for the specific apps on your mobile.

Using the net blocker app you can block access on app basis,gprs/3G/4G basis,WiFi basis,and sort out all the apps that are blocked,

To begin using this app just download it from here ,after downloading open it and have a look at the instructions,press back button and you will have a list of apps installed on your phone,to block the internet acres click on any app and block its internet,WiFi access or both ,once you have blocked it a notification will tell you about the blocked apps,use it to remove the block,check the apps that are blocked from both wifi and mobile data access from ‘block all nets’ section,similarly browse blocked mobile data and wifi apps individually from next sections.

Once an app is blocked from internet access,it can no longer access internet on your device even if you open the app,it will close/disconnect the internet connection,it would be more useful to block mobile data access and allow wifi,to access all apps via wifi,Now you can easily avail free data ,browsing offers from various operators browse Twitter for free on reliance and also airtel’s upcoming project “Airtel zero” that will provide free access to selected apps.

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