Why Does Outlook Freeze When Sending A Message?

Outlook is the proficient desktop client and has become one of the favorite of all the business organizations since it is simple to work with and stores much of the personal details of the individual. At the organization level, Outlook makes the works easier since it connects to the Exchange Server and records emails, contacts, calendars, notes, etc. However, when you try to send the mails or files from the Outlook, sometimes an error message “Outlook not responding” may appear. What are the causes for such results? The Outlook may stop the working or sometimes hangs while sending or opening a mail. In the segment, you will get to know about the reasons that causes and the solution for the recovery of the Outlook back to normal.

Let’s see what makes the error window to prompt during the opening or sending the mails from Outlook.

Reasons for the Freezing Outlook
The users can find more than one reason that contributes to Outlook freeze when sending a message. Some of the causes can be;

· Corrupted or damaged PST files
· Mailboxes i.e. the OST files are large
· The user profile may have done damaged
· App Data folder is restricted to network location
· The latest updates is not installed
· Conflicts by another program to Outlook
· Outlook adds-in can even contribute with some cause
· The hard drive were the PST files are stored may be infected
· Installation faults can cause trouble in Outlook
· The expired antivirus program may clash with Outlook.

How to Resolve the Outlook From Hanging?

The coming segment is all about how to resolve Outlook from freezing. Try the following procedure and see if it works well for your Outlook.

Exit Outlook from Task Manager

Outlook may be hanged because of another instance running while you try to access. You will have to stop or close the previous instance for the opening/sending of the file or messages. Go to the Task Manager and select entire task that is running; Outlook.exe and click on the “End Process” for forcing the other instance to stop.

Debilitate Add-Ins

The Add-Ins may make the Outlook to go hanged. You will need to remove some of the add-ins. For that, in 2007 Outlook user can go to Tools and navigate to the Trust Center>Add-Ins and then disable the add-ins accordingly and press “Go”. For Outlook 2010 and 2013 users, these options will be seen in the File tab>Options>Add-Ins.

Resolving Mailbox Size Issue

The increase in the mailbox size can contribute to the performance of the Outlook, leading to the Outlook to freeze. When the size of the mailbox increases, user can go for the “Archive” option. Setting “AutoArchive” option will help to reduce the size of the mailboxes. The Archive option moves the mailbox to archive location and reduces the size. User can see an “Archive” folder in their Outlook once the task is performed. The folders have got aging period and it varies with each folder.

Repair the Data Files

The Outlook is provided with inbuilt feature called Scanpst.exe for repairing the data files from damages. The location of the Scanpst.exe in 2013 is; C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE15. However, only minor corruptions or damages can be repaired using this utility. After scanning the files with utility if the file is repaired then, Outlook may work properly. But, if the damage is severe, Scanpst.exe will not be sufficient for fixing the damages. You will have to search for third party tool from the market.

Install Latest Updates

If none of the above solutions works, you may try for the updating. Sometimes, the installation of latest updates can help to resolve the problems to an extent. While updating the Outlook out-of-date files can get replaced. One should make sure that the updates are done properly.

Check for Anti-virus Updates

The updating of the Anti-virus installed in the system is necessary. You will have to get the latest updates. And one should make sure that the integration with the Outlook is not done since it can cause some issues regarding the performance. You can remove the anti-virus add-ins in the Outlook. This can help you to some extent.

In-order to save the Outlook from hanging either of the above mentioned solution can be followed. The mentioned steps are simple and users won’t find it tough to work with. However, if none of the above steps went well, you can take the backup of the PST files and reinstall the Outlook. Later, user can import the files to the Outlook.

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