Hidden Features Every Android Smartphone user should Know!

Android is by far the largest selling and most popular operating system in the market that gives tough competition to the likes of Apple and Windows phones. The comfort, adaptability, flexibility and customization that is offered on Android just cannot be matched by others which is what makes it such a hit in the market. Android phones are surely more customer centric and make their operating system as user friendly and engaging as possible. You can easily find a range of Android smartphones with shopclues coupons at great prices to get your hands on a stunningly fast and efficient smartphone.

If you have an Android smartphone, there are a few cool features your phone can perform which you may not have been aware of. Check out these amazing features that are hidden in Android phones you’d be thrilled to discover:

Automatic Phone Unlock
Most people set up a passcode or a lock pattern to keep their android phones protected however it can be quite cumbersome having to fill in those details every time you plan to unlock your phone. With Android 5.0 and above, you can make use of a feature known as the “Smart Lock” which helps you bypass the requirement of having to fill in a password of passcode in trusted environments such as home or in your car etc. You can also sync a wearable android gadget with your phone or set up trusted voice command to manipulate your phone.

Find your Silent Phone
Almost everyone has gone through that heart attack moment of when they can’t find their phone and the worst part is that the phone is on silent which further aggravates your worries. You can make use of the Android Device Manager which gives you the option to locate, lock or even erase data if you feel your phone has been compromised. With this functionality, you can sign in from a desktop into your Google account which is synced with the phone giving you the option to ring, erase or lock your phone even if it is on silent mode. Android surely provides functionality like no other phone, and you can find a host of Android smartphones with ebay coupons for every budget and price for a truly immersive experience.

Hiding Notifications
Most times people face difficulty keeping their messages or calls private as the notifications flash on the screen and can be viewed by others as well even when your phone is locked. You can easily hide sensitive data such as notifications by going into the sound and notifications panel in the settings menu. You can now go down to the notification option and select what action you want to take regarding notifications when your phone is locked.

Zooming in on the Screen
Though Android allows you to manipulate the size of the icons and text by giving you the option to enable “Large Text”, it is also now possible to zoom in on any screen with ease without having to download any external app to do this. Just go into the Accessibility menu option and open up the Magnification Gestures panel and turn it on. Now triple tap on the screen to zoom in and magnify for increased productivity. You can easily manoeuvre the text with two or more fingers to better engage with your screen.

Restrict Unwanted Calls or Texts
Many a time, our phones disturb us with unwanted calls and nonstop texts which can be quite disturbing especially if we’re travelling, in a meeting or busy in other important jobs. In order to restrict who calls or texts you, go into the Sound and Notifications Panel in the Settings Menu where you can find a feature called Interruptions. Now you find an option ‘Calls/Texts From’ which gives you the freedom to priorities and handle your contact list restricting certain numbers from disturbing you.

Be sure to explore these wonderful yet handy features in the Android operating system that helps enhance user engagement and productivity manifold.

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