Nokia C6-01 RM-718 DroidDrops v1.0(111.040.15) by RokingVinu (12-5-2013)

Hello friends, There are too few CFWs available for Nokia C6-01. So I decided to develop mine one. DroidDops is my second CFW for Nokia C6-01. I have added almost all useful Mods without affecting system performance. Hope you will like that. I will add some more functionality in future versions.

DroidDrops v1.0 (olDroid) (Only for RM-718 users)
GUI of installed firmware

ChangeLog For DroidDrops v1.0 (olDroid)
System Mods
1. Allow Rename Apps _ Subfolder creation- Belle
2. FastThemeSwitchMod - No loading bar
3. Gallery mod For Belle refresh
4. Low heap and closing delay
5. Improved kinetic scrolling by Tipinaya (For CFW)
6. MOD 8 pages of symbol in messaging
7. UI,CPU & GPU mod by huellif
8. QT.In-App Analytics
9. QtIAP
10.Custom version information
11. Bluetooth name to : Droid Drops
12. Pics-Vids-Music Scan Locations (No more breaking images)
13. Default Home Page In Browser
14. Deault brightness 30% and Auto Keyguard- 30 secs
15. Bluetooth Files to be "received files" folder
16. Send Protected Files by Def FB
17. lock screen in landscape
18. Active call alert disable
19. No HomeScreen icon caption
20. Camera-Image GPS set to NO
21. SD card notification symbol on belle sliding bar.
22. Custom Profile Modification
23. System Reboot (fixed dialer.)

GUI Mods
1. Android Boot Screen by me.
2. Avkon2 green android dialer icon
3. Changed Font To Amerika
4. Galaxy s3 Message Conversation skin
5. Music Player & Animation ScreenSaver
6. 4 HD Wallpaper by Default
7. Symbian Anna Menu structure
8. FP1 task manager

Widget Skins
1. HTC digital clock for UDA
2. Glass music player

Freeware Applications
1. MemCheck_v0.05
2. Sketch Brush v1
3. Rompatcher + 12+ Patches (Autostart)
4. X-Plore v1.60 moded by
5. Bubblelock_0.15.2_signed_offline
6. SceenSnap v3.01
7. Nokia Panorama v2.60(6)

Other Enhancements
1. Replaced Nokia default ring tones with Samsung Galaxy S3 Ringtones
2. Base Package+Effects ON by Default (Remove any effects from E: drive if any)
3. Hindi lang 4 nokia dict
4. Renamed "Music Player" to "Droid Muzic".
5. Renamed "Web" (Browser Name) to "FireFox"
6. Renamed "Camera" to "HD Cam".
7. Edited "About" document.
8. Renamed Profile names from "General,Silent,Meeting,Offline" to "Cool Droid,Silent Droid,Busy Droid,Offline Droid" respectively.
9. Change shutdown text "Goodbye!" to "See you soon!".
10. Custom Widget Postitions.

Removed Apps
1. Font Magnifier.
2. F Secure Antivirus.
3. CNN.
4. Psiloc World Traveller.
5. vlingo.
6. My Nokia.
7. Adobe Reader.
8. Microsoft Communicator.

1. None of the opera products are able to run.

1. Installing a custom Firmware can Brick Your Phone. So try it at your own risk.
2. CFW is in ENGLISH language only.
3. No need to hard reset after flash. You masy loose some apps
4. Zip file contains Rofs2,Rofs3,UDA. Extract it n do Refurbrish with phonix.
5. Before Flashing please delete folders Private, Data, Resource, cities, Sys, System and any other folders from Memory Card which are not used by you.

thanks to all modders! 

(Download Links Removed! Please flash with DroidDrops v2.0)

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